Défense de thèse

Soutenance de thèse de Achraf Mamassi


27 mars 2023
Campus ULiège Arlon Environnement, Auditoire Océan
185 Avenue de Longwy
6700 Arlon
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Le lundi 27 mars 2023,  Achraf MAMASSI présentera l'examen en vue de l’obtention du grade académique de Docteur en Sciences (Collège de doctorat en Sciences et gestion de l'environnement) sous la direction de Bernard TYCHON et Mohamed ELGHAROUS (Cotutelle avec l’Université Mohammed VI polytechnique).

Cette épreuve consistera en la défense publique d’une dissertation intitulée :

« Crop modelling applications: a key to support food security and recommend adaptations and reasonable management strategies under the rainfed cropping system (case of wheat crop in Morocco) ».


In Morocco, a number of constraints and limitations encourage policymakers, agronomists, and scientists to closely monitor in-season and post-season wheat cropping systems under rainfed circumstances. Among these are: i) the importance of wheat for the country's food security, ii) the aridity of the climate; iii) the impacts of inter- and intra-annual variability of rainfall and increased recurrence of extreme events, particularly drought; and iv) the adoption of inefficient crop management strategies due to a shortage on providing knowledge for Moroccan small farmers, or their indigent economic situation. Hence, critical efforts were established in development programs and scientific research to deal with the relevant constraints to the limited conditions of Moroccan rainfed areas, such as the reliance on efficient and sustainable adaptive strategies for cereal system management, such as the three axes of conservation agriculture, rational fertilization, and precision agriculture, among others. During the present work, we have deeply highlighted the effectiveness on applying crop models for the assessment and enhancing of wheat cropping systems under Moroccan rainfed conditions.

Various types of models were adopted in past research studies and integrated in sophisticated systems to support the country’s food security through monitoring wheat growth and yield forecasting. Moreover, several crop modelling works have contributed to understand and face the climate change effects on wheat productivity. Their aims were mainly the evaluation of new crop management strategies, and recommending general adaptations to be applied in a wide spatiotemporal scale (e.g., agro-climatic unit). On the other hand, the use of crop modelling tools for within-season and on-farm specific crop management is very rare in Morocco. Few conducted modelling studies have focused mainly on water management (irrigation scheduling), and another modelling work on controlling crop diseases. While other applications of models as decision support tools to manage soil and fertilization advisory, were unpublished contributions or conducted for commercial profit i.e., with restricted access. 

Within this framework, the aim of our thesis project is to assess the helpfulness on applying crop simulation models, firstly, to evaluate, and then to recommend appropriate crop management practices at farmers’ fields level, specifically nitrogen and phosphorus fertilization recommendations for cereal production under Moroccan rainfed conditions.


Le Jury sera composé de :

M. J. WELLENS (Président), MM. R. BALAGHI (Initiative pour l’adaptation de l’agriculture africaine, Maroc), M. EL GHAROUS (University Mohammed VI Polytechnic, Maroc) (Promoteur), L. KOUADIO University of Southern Queensland, Australie), M. LAHLOU (Agronomic and veterinary institute Hassan II, Maroc) (secrétaire), B. TYCHON (Promoteur), X. WATTIEZ (Prayon s.a.), Y. ZEROUAL (OCP Group, Maroc).


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