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Complex and Entangled Systems from Atoms to Materials (CESAM)

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Born in Eupen in 1987. After obtaining a MA in mathematics (ULiege, 2010), M. Eric OPSOMER realized a PhD thesis in soft matter physics under the supervision of professor Nicolas VANDEWALLE (ULiege, 2014). His thesis focused on the gathering and handling of granular matter in microgravity. Afterwards, M. OPSOMER continued his research at the University of Liège as a postdoctoral fellow (Prodex-Belspo) and carried out a research stay at the MSC laboratory of the Paris Diderot University. There he worked on the structural transitions in magnetic granular gases. In Octobre 2018, he is designated « Premier Assistant » at the Physics Department of the Faculty of Science at ULiege.

Eric OPSOMER works in the numerical physics section of the GRASP laboratory. His research activities concern the simulation of granular media (clustering, compaction, cohesion, ...) as well as active matter (self-organization, collective motion, ...) and are associated to several laboratory experiments. 

ULiège Course

Méthode des éléments discrets pour la physique de la matière molle, 15h Th, 15h Pr, OPSOMER Eric

Travaux personnels, 20h Th, OPSOMER Eric