Faculty’s Administrative Staff

The Faculty’s Administrative Staff consists of  Dean’s Administrative Department, Apparitorat, Pedagogical coordination, the Study Promotions Department, Réjouisciences (Dissemination of Studies).

The Faculty’s Administrative Staff

The Dean’s Administrative Department

The Dean’s Administrative Department is traditionally responsible for Academic Affairs, working jointly with the Administration of Teaching and Students and the Faculty’s departments (Faculty Council, job appointments, course programmes, producing brochures, student evaluation, personnel management (all categories included), Faculty strategy, budget, etc.). Since recently it manages at the Faculty level, together with the department co-ordinators and the Central Administration Department, matters linked to International Relations (Erasmus exchanges, exchanges with foreign universities, etc.). Since January 1, 2016, it has acted as a link with the two Permanent Faculty Committees for Education and Research.

Contacts :

The Faculty’s Administrative Manager: Ninfa GRECO

Assistant to the Administrative Manager: Thierry BILLEN

Secretariat of the Administrativemanager and Communication: Sylvie MARCHAL

Executive secretariat SAP: Alessandro SORCE

Technical and logistical support : Michel MANCINI

Faculty referral on terrorism : Vincent Graindorge

The Apparitorat

The Apparitorat is traditionally responsible for Student Affairs together with the Administration of Teaching and Students department (student database, producing degree forms, awarding student grades, centralising the scheduling of courses and exams, individual degree programmes for students).

Contacts :

Apparitrice : Pascale HOUBEN


Anthony DUPUIS


Pedagogical coordination

The pedagogical coordinator works with the Presidents of examination boards, the Administrative Department of the Faculty, the apparitorat / pedagogical unit and the central administration (AEE) in the context of monitoring the application of the "PAYSAGE" decree.

Contact :

France MELOT


Studies Promotion Department

This unit is dedicated to promoting studies and sciences at Faculty level, working closely with the centralised Studies Promotion and Information Department within the Academic and Educational Affairs Department.

It also acts as the interface between the Faculty's Office and the "Réjouisciences" service.

Contacts :

Anthony DUPUIS


Réjouisciences (Diffusion des "Sciences")

Réjouisciences is a unit responsible for spreading sciences and technologies. It is in particular in charge of organising the Spring Sciences, organised each year at the University of Liège.

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