At the forefront of research, the Faculty of Science develops a rigorous and innovative scientific approach that contributes to the quality of its teaching.


Research at the Faculty of Science (ULiège)

Discover through this video the wide range of research carried out at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Liege.

The Faculty of Sciences graduates every year about seventy PhDs. It is organized in 8 faculty Research Units (Mathematics, CESAM, MOLecular SYStems, inBioS, FOCUS, SPHERES , GEOLOGY and ASTROBIOLOGY) and 4 inter-faculty Research Units (STAR, GIGA-R, DIDACTIfen and Art, Archaeology and Heritage). All the faculty research units are grouped under the heading of "Exact and Natural Sciences" (ENS) whose main mission is to support, notably through fundamental research, the development of knowledge leading to the elaboration of new concepts and contributing to the constant modernization of the training of students and the scientific community.

The Faculty is also associated with several (Restricted access link) : in Corsica (Submarine and Oceanographic Research Station), in Switzerland (Research Station of Jungfraujoch), in Chile (TRAPPIST-Sud telescope in the Atacama desert), in Morocco (Telescope at the Ouka-Imeden Observatory) and in Belgium (Hautes-Fagnes Scientific Station at Mont-Rigi).



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