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Michaël Ovidio, laureate of the Edmond de Sélys Longchamps prize awarded by the Royal Academy of Belgium

Michaël Ovidio, a biologist at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Liege, is the winner of the five-year Edmond de Sélys Longchamps Prize (23rd period 2016-2020) awarded by the Royal Academy of Sciences, Letters and Fine Arts of Belgium. This award recognizes excellence in natural science research on the living or fossil fauna of Belgium.


ichaël Ovidio is director of the Aquatic Resources Management and Aquaculture Service and vice-director of the FOCUS (Freshwater and OCeanic science Unit of reSearch) research unit in the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Liege.  In addition to his teaching missions and numerous services to the community, he carries out with his team fundamental research on the ecology and dynamics of river fishes and more applied and transversal research in hydro-ecology. He is author and co-author of numerous international scientific publications and his research work often has very concrete repercussions on the sustainable management of rivers and aquatic organisms.

The jury of the Science class of the Royal Academy of Belgium rewarded him for "his high quality research in perfect adequacy with the spirit of the prize on the biology and behavior of European fish fauna and on the protection of the biodiversity of rivers". He will receive his diploma at the Palace of the Academies in December during a public session. Prof. Michaël Ovidio underlines that this award is also the one of his team "always very professional, dynamic and motivated".


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