Les Sauvages


Les Sauvages
5 avril 2023
152 pages
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Published by Futuroplis, "Les Sauvages" follows the journey of a father and daughter to Indonesia in search of the endangered Komodo dragons. Two researchers are accompanying them on their journey, including Johan Michaux, FNRS Research Director at ULiège, who helped write the story and is an integral part of it.


rom the elephants of Sumatra to the dragons of Komodo, the researcher's new mission is an opportunity to discover the archipelago's extraordinary biodiversity. But this biodiversity is under threat. Deforestation, palm oil production, poaching... The dangers are many, and take on a particular dimension when the Covid 19 pandemic breaks out in the middle of the voyage.

A scientific documentary as much as an intimate account of the father-daughter relationship, Les Sauvages is a fascinating, instructive and funny book. It raises the essential question of our relationship with the animal world. A comic strip for thinking about the world of tomorrow. A journey of initiation punctuated by scientific insights.

"Will we be able to live up to our name of "Homo sapiens", or "wise man"? Time is running out..."

About the authors

Johan Michaux is Professor at the University of Liège. He is director of research at the FNRS (Fonds national de la recherche scientifique, the Belgian equivalent of the CNRS), scientific advisor and columnist for RTBF's programs Le Jardin extraordinaire and C'est pas fini.

Julien Frey was born in 1977. After studying cinema and a career in audiovisual production, he began writing in 2013 for Papier, the 9th art magazine directed by Lewis Trondheim. In 2014, he published an autobiographical story, Un jour, il viendra frapper à ta porte, about the duty of remembrance.

Born in 1985, Nadar lives in Spain. He studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. His first works immediately won critical acclaim, and it was his election in 2012 to the Alhondiga Bilbao/Cité Internationale de la bande dessinée et de l'image residency in Angoulême that enabled him to produce his first graphic novel, Papier froissé, published by Éditions Futuropolis. Nadar speaks French.

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